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Nano-Tech Coatings SA uses environmentally-friendly protective coatings. Our coatings can be used to defend your surface from harmful environmental elements as well as everyday wear and tear. Our covalent molecular bonding of nanoparticles actually bond with the surface versus sitting on top. Our nano-sized particles are 100 times smaller than most products allowing coatings become one with the surface they are applied, creating a superior barrier. We coat Cars, Premium Textiles, Textiles, Plastic, Shoes, Glass Ceramic, Bath Care, Toilet Bowls, Chromemetal, Stone(Kitchen), Wood, Wooden Decks, Yachts, Ships and so much more... We also do Anti-Graffiti, Nano Fire Protecton, NanoTher censoredInsulation and Nano Anti-Mosquito. we offer an 8 year long lasting Surface Protection with ONLY USING WATER TO CLEAN EVERY SURFACE LISTED ABOVE!!!