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Supply of following Bio-Diesel & Bio-Diesel Bi-Products.

Delivery 2019: June

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Expression Of Interest Letter / Firm Off Take Agreement.

Can forward you compassion break down.

Bio-Diesel B100:

Monthly Production: >150,000 liters.

Annual Production: >1.8 million liters.

Delivery: 32,000 liters Tanker or 230 liters drums.

2019 Prices:

0 – 9,000 litres per month R13,00/litre

10,000 – 19,000 litres per month R12,50/litre

20,000 + litres per month R12,00/litre

Biomass Briquettes/Pellets are sold per ton in 50kg bags. Clients have a choice of either 6mm or 8mm diameter pellet.

2019 Prices:

0 – 5000kg is R2,8/kg or R2800 per ton

50001 + = R2,5/kg or R2500 per ton

Our capacity is 375000 kg per month.

Can forward compassion breakdown.

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