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About MM Antunes - Sworn Portuguese and English Translation and interpretation Services

Our main service offerings are:

-Language Consulting Services(LCS)
-Business Intelligence Consulting Services(BICS)

However,this specific advert is only aimed for LCS(Language Consulting Services, for Business Intelligence Consulting Services, you may contact us for more details.

Our Language Consulting Services (LCS)is centred into two specialized languages (Portuguese and English.

1)CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS- We offer accurate, reliable and affordable English to Portuguese translations as well as Portuguese to English translations. We are fully certified meaning that we offer Sworn Translations because we are duly registered and authorised by the South Africa's High Court to practice as Sworn Translators.

We pride ourselves in offering quality and personalized certified translation and interpretation services in Portuguese and English languages, we strive by providing a customized solution and building a long-lasting relationship.

We offer sworn translation and interpretation in a range of key sectors but not limited to the following:
- Legal
- Immigration
- Pharmaceutical/Medical
- Manufacturing
- Oil and Gas
- Mining
- Banking/Financing
- Government/Diplomatic Missions
- Technical and scientific
- Including many other areas or sectors.


1.Real Estate & Leases 6.Business Partnerships 11.Foreign Government Documents 15. Oil Rigs documents
2.Insurance Policy 7.Business Forms 12.Visas application documents 16.Official Letters
3.Power of Attorney 8.Employment Contracts 13.Police Clearance 17.Official Reports
4.Service Agreement 9.Agreements and Reports 14.Birth Certificates 18.Articles of Association Passports 10.Custody Papers 19.Medical Reports
5.Financial Statements 20.Court cases (interpretation in Courts)
21. Business Contracts
For these documents and many other documents that you might need to be translated into Portuguese or into English, please feel free to contact us.

We are ready to serve you!

2)INTERPRETING- We offer interpretation in both languages and our interpretation services can be offered face-to-face; distant over the phone, Skype or webinar.
We can avail ourselves to travel with you wherever you need us to interpret for your business meeting, conference, workshops, training and interviews abroad such as in Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Portugal, Cape Verde, Sao-Tome e Principe and Guinea Bissau requiring English to Portuguese interpretation. For other parts of the world for Portuguese Speaking clients requiring English interpretation. We also assist in interpreting for court cases.

We are ready to serve you!
Drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

Moises M. Antunes