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You have finally decided to take a little vacation, and have chosen to go to Namibia. Below we will tell all you require to understand to make your journey to Namibia a remarkable one!

Holidaying in Namibia is relatively low-cost and a safe destination for the entire family. On the other hand, a guided tour can make a big family vacation much easier on Mom and Dad.

A self drive vacation is the best method to guarantee you get to keep your own schedule and make your vacation distinct and special for you and the entire family, especially if you are planning a long vacation. An arranged guided tour is the best way to go if you just have the time for a brief holiday. You will still get to experience Namibia's charm and culture and see a few sensational sights, so you won't be missing out. It will just (hopefully) plant the seed of wanting to return for a much longer visit in the future.

Namibia Is a country in its own right, located in the south-western part of Africa. Angola is to the north, Botswana to the east and we (warm South Africa) is to the south of Namibia. Namibia also shares its borders with two other beautiful countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe and the Atlantic Ocean is to the west, if you are keen on a little surfing or playing beach bunny and or censoredfor a little while. All in all this is an awesome choice to prepare for incredible Namibia holidays.

The country is quite large, covering 824 269 square kilometres and has over 2 million citizens separated into 13 very different tribes. As pointed out before, the capital is Windhoek and the climate is light and fairly comfortable throughout the winter months

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