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011 827 8539

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10 Escombe road


About Meatpack It

Meatpack It specializes in the servicing, and support of customers in the food industry. Our aim is to support and assist customers with products and services which would make their business more efficient.

We strive to provide our customers the best value in services, parts, and equipment.

Our philosophy is to supply products for what they cost and not for what they are worth. This is the main distinction between us and other suppliers and manufacturers. This does not mean that we will deliver products of lesser quality; it means that we will deliver high quality products at manufactured cost.

We offer a diverse range of parts commonly used in the food industry, these include wear parts, specialised parts and OEM replacement parts.
South Africa is rich with natural resources and technical abilities which can be used in manufacturing; this makes us ideally placed to produce parts for the local and international market. This is one of our goals; however it is only possible with specifications from the customer and other interested parties.

Meatpack It