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48c Hendrik van Eck Street


About Matlock

We manufacture PVC duckboards, Colour Interlocking Tiles

Whether you want to use it for your bakkie load bin or for heavy traffic areas that require drainage. Or in your high traffic areas where you need something to last, easy to maintain and clean.

Option 1
Our tiles have 4 or 16 tiles per sqm this makes it a stronger and more durable flooring option.

Easy to Install (clips in easily)

Less Wastage (as the tiles are smaller there is less cut off-cut with installation).

Size of Tiles:
250x250x15mm (Duckboard or small colour/black mats)
495x495x5.2mm p/m2 (Large Interlocking Mats) 4 per sqm

Tiles can be used.
1. High Traffic areas
2. Bakkie Load Bin
3. Changing facilities.
4. Showers
5. Slippery Surfaces
6. Industrial Kitchen Flooring.
7. Swimming Pool.