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079 878 6564

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PLot 45 - Farmstead



About Mac's Kitchen

At Mac's Kitchen we look so good because we eat so good.

A quaint and harmonious farm stead nestled in the countryside, South of Johannesburg which boasts a wide variety of Recipes, catering for all walks of life.

The flavours come to life in Mac's Kitchen with passion and flair with the sole intent to bring you culinary delight.

We cater for a wide variety of demand and needs.

From running market day stalls to catering for corporate functions and events to kids Birthday Parties and Weddings. (Delivery of goods only)

We deliver anywhere in Gauteng and we would love to customize your menu for you.

To give you an idea of our appetizing set-list menu, we serve the finest Butter Chicken Curry "A.K.A The Delhi Express" South of India.

One of our all-time favourites include "Big Mama" Lasagne which is layered with enough pasta sauce and meat to make the biggest soprano cry. There are many home style favourites to choose from, just ask.

We also boast a range of platters suitable for any occasion.

If you have a paining sweet tooth, we have just the solution for you. Malva pudding that melts in your mouth, Cupcakes, Fudge, Brownies, and Coconut Delight to hit just the right spot.

Give us a Call on 079 878 6564 or 082 304 2051 and speak to Mareke (MRS MAC)

Mac's Kitchen