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About M&ESURE Research and Evaluation

M&ESURE Research and Evaluation specialises in the field of social science research and evaluation and was founded with the intention of providing technically sound and theoretically relevant services in the field of research and evaluation. The company was registered as a Close Corporation at the end of 2010 and has three registered partners.
The team strives to contribute to the development of South Africa through applying skills and knowledge to different social development areas. M&ESURE's approach to evaluation is formative with the aim of improving social development programmes by using evidence-based methods.
The partners all hold postgraduate degrees in the social sciences and work with NGOs, government departments, donor organisations and academic institutions. M&ESURE's services include:
* monitoring and evaluation;
* social science research;
* training and capacity-building; and
* social development consulting.
M&ESURE Research and Evaluation follows theory-driven approach to evaluations. This makes use of the logic model as a theoretical tool, which guides measurement processes that include monitoring activities. These typically include:
* Programme design (includes needs assessments, feasibility studies and situational assessments)
* Formative and summative evaluations (process evaluation, outcome evaluation and impact assessments)
* Monitoring and evaluation framework/system development (using the logic model approach)
* Programme monitoring
M&ESURE Research and Evaluation advises on best-fit social science research designs in response to the research needs of clients. Both quantitative and qualitative designs can be used and could include the following methods:
* Quantitative research methods:
* Surveys and questionnaires
* Qualitative research methods:
* case studies,
* document analysis,
* interviews and focus groups
M&ESURE Research and Evaluation also advises on data management and verification processes.
There is an increasing need for collecting, documenting and reporting outcomes-based evidence. In order to meet this need, M&ESURE Research and Evaluation offers the following sets of workshops and/or opportunities:
* Capacity-building workshops:
* Basic M&E principles and terminology
* Research methodology (including research designs and those relating to evaluation research)
* Data analysis (quantitative and qualitative)
* Data management and verification
* Writing funding proposals
* Outcomes-based report writing
* Data management, including collection, storing and analysis
* Sustainability consulting for NGO sector, including testing the theory of change and identifying possible sources of income
* Capacity-building workshops for donors:
* What is evaluation?
* Developing funding proposals and Terms of Reference
* Scorecards and rubrics
* Resources
* Accountability and Reporting
* Partnerships - where we partner with an organization and walk through all the steps of the M&E process:
* Introduction into M&E
* Project design and process mapping
* M&E framework (logic model development, indicators, identifying most appropriate methods and tools for data collection, templates for capturing data etc.)
* Project plan incorporation with M&E
* Implementation of M&E project (mentoring, piloting tools, general revision etc.)
M&ESURE Research and Evaluation creates a facilitated space where NGOs have the opportunity to explore their goals and revisit their activities in order to better align the two. Issues of alignment and sustainability can be addressed as follows:
* Developing strategic priorities and aligning programmes
* Testing the theory of change and identifying possible alternative sources of income

M&ESURE Research and Evaluation