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Heletranz is a New Zealand company, owned and operated by John and Sofia Ambler, who bought the business from the founders Tony and Julie Monk. The Monks started the business over 25 years ago, and pioneered helicopter tourism in the Auckland region and continue to work with Heletranz on aerial filming.

Whether you're choppering over Auckland's world-famous harbor, viewing volcanoes or black sand West Coast beaches or touching down at a beautiful location hidden from the world, Heletranz promises one of the most exciting, memorable experiences of your life.

Heletranz can provide you with all sorts of exciting helicopter experiences around Auckland and beyond - including scenic flights, Waiheke Heli-Dining, Heli-Fishing, a day's golf at Kauri Cliffs, a one day North Island Heli Tour, a Luxury Lodge Heli-Overnight, through to Airport Transfers, and flights between destinations.
Heletranz operates single and twin turbine engine Eurocopters, Bell and Robinson helicopters, allowing us the flexibility to cater for everyone from a single passenger through to large groups.

Our helicopters have GPS tracking systems, satellite phones and all helicopters are equipped with CAA required safety equipment.

Heletranz has its own heliport at Rosedale Road, Albany and also uses the pads at Mechanics Bay, Auckland Airport and Waiheke Island, and frequently land at other airports and private properties throughout New Zealand.
We provide customers a uniquely tailored concierge service that goes beyond transportation - one phone call or email to us does it all.

Luxury Helicopter Tour | Heletranz