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Evening, lanterns are a few people after dinner, Feng Qingyu courtyards

bench. Into the head are brightly lit, and the occasional gust of wind blowing, the leaves of the tree

were rushing sound. Feng Qingyu not tell what kind of mood, I just feel around the quiet, quiet people to

the heart of chaos.Before Mo Xiao Han is still denied him, but now even refused to impossible

......"Jingle bells, jingle bells, sounded Feng Qingyu phone across the sky like the night extraordinarily

solitude."Hey," did not look at the numbers, Feng Qingyu directly connected to the phone.Feng, Osamu

sister "Bai Jinyu voice, the past few days, Feng Qingyu first feel the warmth."Wake up." Feng Qingyu

still replied dismissively."That's good!" Removing the burden of heart, the Bai Jinyu long breathe a sigh

of relief, finally can relax.The next second to realize what heart again, "...... the Osamu sister amnesia

"Feng Qingyu heart clench, "Well." Weak weak voice gone with the wind, but not loose the deep emotional

voice.Feng Qingyu listening to the tone, Bai Jinyu will be able to know, regardless of Mo Xiao Han forget

the things of which time she must have forgotten Feng Qingyu ......Heaven on children Tonight circle is

missing children who are far off is a tragedy Bai Jinyu want to fly to Feng Qingyu side! The life fate

waiting for fate, helpless World The pool fountain ringing sound, are like ice engraved in the heart of

the listener. Depth, little by little until bloody.Mo Xiao cold in the living room watching Crayon

accompanied millet, millet has been giggling and laughing. Mo Xiao Han do not care about the TV series,

look at the time, Feng Qingyu a person sitting in the chair for nearly two hours.Millet, Feng Qingyu is a

friend of your father ""Do not know, anyway, Mommy first get to know Qingyu father.""I "Millet is the

first known father Qingyu, and again knowledge Blue King Hao father.Mo Xiao Han thought will be, or if it

is chaotic, his head to see the millet, she can determine their own no mistake "Are you sure you know

them, and they know you ""Yeah! The Qingyu father I do not remember is when to know, but the Blue King Hao

father I know in the playground."Listen millet, Mo Xiao the cold kind the Blue King Hao retrieve illusion!

Gently rocking his head aside, that ......Millet, do you mean you're not born and Blue King Hao dad live

together is not it "Mo Xiao Han asked extremely seriously."Ah.""Why " Millet, then just landed, Mo Xiao

Han could not wait to ask questions again.Millet's eyes finally leave the TV on, revealing a distressed

expression, "I also want to know!"Mo Xiao Han eyelids light blink, mouth open in radians, and finally

becomes a deflated ball.Designer 2013 Satin Strapless Wedding Dress Dayton will, Mo Xiao Han to bring courage asked the sentence: "Feng Qingyu

dad is my friend, right "Millet joy turned his head, "Mommy, you eat melon Oh."Millet, effortlessly let Mo

Xiao Han suddenly speechless!Time in the past half an hour, Mo Xiao Han put down the millet, alone came to

the hospital.Footsteps slowly close to Feng Qingyu, and Mo Xiao Han Board Organisation uneasy, Feng Qingyu

is the kind of man: standing in the crowd, he could not utter a word, but no one would dare ignore his

presence. Mo Xiao Han do not know if this is from the left before consciously or always been the case."Mr.

Fung Hello, I am sorry I do not remember what happened before ..." Mo Xiao Han have not tried to be

forgotten, but that must be very upset."Silly girl, you promised me to be happy, and not to like this."

Feng Qingyu short smiled and looked at Mo Xiao cold. Habitually touched Mo Xiao Han hair, forget him, Mo

Xiao Han might be better, the pain he suffer enough.Mo Xiao Han looked at Feng Qingyu eyes, that look

different from the Blue King Hao love and hate, but also from Ling Feng struggling, but the simple, only

pamper ......"How we know, you can tell me ""We are university students," looking at the front of the

dark, Feng Qingyu said slowly, like Blue King Hao in simplifying their story."I wTulle Satin Strapless A Line Bridal Gown

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