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About Livebids Auctions

LiveBids is an auctioneering platform designed to save you money and make you money.

A Quick background story:

Rory Vollmer and Paul Hoft von Hoesslin started LiveBids to build a social community of entrepreneurs.

We could not find a "marketplace" that was simple, interactive and social - so we built it.

LiveBids is the only social online tool that helps you trade your products as payper bid or as simple auction item. The platform is completely people driven.

You can experience a real-time market place.
Sell your products on auction.
Buy products lower than the cost value.
Sell your products on PayPer bid auctions for great profits.

We have a unique platform that has two panels. A Buyer's Panel and a Seller's Panel.
These panels are very interactive and show you exactly what is happening with active bid items.

Thank you for your support and welcome to the new rich.

Rory Vollmer & Paul Hoft von Hoesslin