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About Let's Live Coaching

Let's-Live Coaching is a modern and rapidly growing alliance that assists people across the globe to discover the infinite sea of possibilities within themselves. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual while we help them to improve, develop and acquire new life skills. Our main objective is to help people to understand themselves, to enable them to realize what it is that they want to achieve in life and to assist them in getting it.

Our new found understanding, love and appreciation for people compel us to see each person in a new light, as complete and unique. This has inspired us to design our life coaching programs in such a way that it reflects and draws (or awakens) out of each person a flood of dreams and possibilities that merges into a life of fullness and purpose. This encourages a bold outlook into the now, taking you into an exciting future where not only people's needs are met but their full creative life-force, spring forth into substance to ultimately become a reality. Our programs help people to developed their gifts of intentionality and assist them to become effective creators.

Let's-Live Coaching has grown from a Life Coaching Academy to a Life Coaching institute and has now emerged into global alliance of professional Mentors and Coaches.

This alliance makes us extremely unique and empowers us to offer various accredited and certified courses.

We offer a unique and full Life Coaching career path:

Self-Discovery Master 1 - 2 days Life Coaching Course
Self-Discovery Master 2 - 3 days Life Coaching Course
Life Coach and Certification Process - 9 days Life Coaching Course
Master Coach and Certification Process- 14 days Life Coaching Course
Master Coach Trainer - 30 days Life Coaching Course
Spiritual Mentor and Coach - 365 days Life Coaching Course

We also offer extra modules and specialized Life Coaching programs:

Business Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Scholar and Student Coaching
Personal one to one Coaching
Wellness and Sport Coaching

Let's-Live Coaching Methodologies

At Let's-Live Coaching our passion for people is evident in the way we perpetually nurture and deliberately drive people to excel, and become a source of inspiration for others. Our advanced skills development courses consist of a harmonious blend of Modern Science, Quantum Physics, and the latest breakthroughs in Applied Psychology. We drive performance, enhance personal wellbeing, and introduce individuals to the blazing power they can wield in every sphere of their lives.

Nothing that is alive on purpose stands still. Life Coaching is constantly adapting, evolving and expanding. Here is a short list of techniques that currently form the basis of the unique Let's Live Approach to motivation and total transformation:

Personal development, Self-help, Development & Discovery, Motivation and Achievement Psychology, (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Deliberate Thinking, Neuroscience & Time Line Healing, Non-verbal Communication, Detection & Microexpression Analysis, Quantum Physics, Healing, Hypnosis, Human Behaviour Modification, Scientific exploration, Business & Corporate Coaching, Relationship Science, and Student and Scholar Mentoring.

At Let's-Live Coaching we have learned to see beyond what people see, and we have studied the art of awakening the power from within. We dedicate our lives to others and we find joy in fulfilling dreams for other people. We have enrolled in many community upliftment programs across the globe and will help and assist any company or individual who has the same dream - to empower others. We support many orphanages in South-Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique. We are happy to say we are making a difference wherever we go.

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