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About The Legal Advice Office

Legal Advice Consultants & Paralegal Practitioners

At the Legal Advice Office we offer professional, affordable services in all areas of the law. The professional services we render are based on 30 years of experience in the legal field and our use of the correct and up-to-date technology.

Our service is affordable and efficient. We also offer financial and business management services in addition to our legal advice function.

We have listed the legal services we specialize in on our services page. Please contact us should you require assistance in any of these areas. If, however, you are unsure of which legal area your query might fall under, you are still welcome to send us your query as we have a team of legal experts on hand to assist in any area. We are here to offer advice and assistance wherever possible.

Queries may be emailed, faxed or sent to us by post. We also entertain telephonic queries and will strive to provide you with answers and solutions to all your legal, financial and business management problems. If we cannot solve the problem for you ourselves we will, at least, provide you with our professional suggestions as to possible solutions at affordable rates.

We only appoint and use attorneys and/or advocates when they are absolutely necessary as their costs can range from R1 500.00 per hour for a junior to R5 000.00 per hour and more for senior attorneys/advocates. Our rates are at about 25% of the going rate of attorneys and/or other legal practitioners!

The Legal Advice Office