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Kroon Kapital was started with one thing in mind and that is to provide the upcoming entrepreneurs with the service to make the whole business registration fast quick and as affordable as possible,The founder of Kroon Kapital Financial Services saw the need for the South African economy to grow and that is by having more business that will contribute to the stabilization of our economy. Therefore we brought you business products that will be able to fit your budget and we assist you with the whole nine yards which gives you the time to focus on more important things as to how to get your business to move forward. Kroon Kapital is a "Business by the people" "For the people".

We are one of the best and cheapest business registration specialist in the country. We are proud to be assisting young Entrepreneurs in South Africa with their business registrations, Not only is it fast we also assist you with getting your tax number which makes it one less worry for you.

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UIF submissions can be a hassle at times and we understand that you as an individual do not always have the energy or the time to stand in a line or have the finances to pay someone and handle all the unnecessary issues that comes with it,Therefore we have dedicated our time to bring you all these resources that will make your UIF submission process as easy as possible whether it be for submissions for : unemployment,Illness,maternity leave or adoption you will be able to find all the answers that you need and it is all absolutely free of charge and you will deal directly with the South African Department of Labour. It is easy to navigate and suitable for both employer and employee and it covers all the areas such as how to register for UIF and when to submit your application.

As a business one of the most difficult parts is handling your books,we have been working in this field for quite some time and have a great system to offer our client together with FNB. we offer the instant accounting version of FNB which makes it great to handle all of your books and accounts in one place which makes it easy for you to view all your balances and see how good your business is doing.We will send you a monthly report for you to analyze and see exactly which changes need to take place.You will be able to log in at any time from any location and all data is stored on external servers which means all of your data is safe.

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