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The company is registered in the United Kingdom and has been in operation for the past 14 years. We have now opened a sister company in South Africa called KR Components SA (Pty) Ltd. KR Component is also the sales representative for South Africa for a UK company called Brownell Ltd Products.KR Components has a well established track record and specializes in sourcing a range of products including electronic components and a selection of springs, cables, chemicals- RTV,Catalyst,Eccobondetc and other related products from European and USA vendors. KR Components SA is also registered on National central Data Base.
* Desiccant Bags
* Desiccant Refills
* Desiccants
* Desiccators
* Document and Desiccant Ports
* Humidity Indicators and Dewpoint Meters
* Immersion Breathers
* Moisture Adsorbing Polymers
* NEPS1000
* Pipeline Dryers
* Remote Breathers
* Shock and Vibration
* Tie Down Shelving
* Transformer Breathers
* Valves
* Vent Dryers