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022 125 0310

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PO Box 164


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About Koperfontein Stonemills

Koperfontein Stonemill aims to bring you the highest quality, natural flour to bring the best flavour to your baking.

We use a time-honoured tradition, Stone Grinding. We grind the whole grain slowly between two stones.

This ancient traditional takes times and patience, but ensures the grain is not exposed to the excessive heat that occurs in more modern production methods.

So our flour retains all the vitamins, minerals and fibre found naturally in the grain - with no added preservatives or colourants.

We support the idea of Healthy Living, from the inside out. By understanding what you are putting in your body, you can make an informed decision.

Flour is the main event in baking, so why not choose the best!

Visit our website www.koperfonteinmills.co.za to find out more today!

Koperfontein Stonemills