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About KM-CDS

KM-CDS is a business planning and performance improvement strategy consulting firm established to help entrepreneurs launch viable and sustainable businesses and SMEs stay in business. The founding of the company was inspired by the well known notion "most businesses do not survive the first 3 years"-KM-CDS was established to bridge the gap between the booming number of new businesses registered every year the booming number of businesses that are liquidated every year or that lie dormant.

The company founder, Ms Kgadi Mmanakana after extensive research she unearthed the one reason that stood out that's the root cause of business failure to be (1) implementation of half-baked ideas , (2) the running of businesses organically and (3) lack of or no effective implementation strategies to bring entrepreneurs and business leaders' goals to life.

KM-CDS has special interests in business feasibility study, business model development and innovation, and Strategy planning and management (business, corporate and competitive).

The company has established itself as a leader in SME Strategy. Its clients appreciate the convenient, risk reducing and personalized services offered by the company. KM-CDS prides itself in easy-to-understand, executable and effective solutions.