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Full range of Safety wear and Work wear for South African Health and Safety regulations ranging from Construction to Corporate. Brands: Bull Nosa, Bova, Barron, Hannes, Hammah; Sisi; Grasshoppers,JohnDrake,Nike,Addidas,Canterbury,USbasic,Jonsson;Lemaitre;Armadillo;EuroSafetyFootwear;Sumo;Sabre;Mammoth;Catepillat/CAT;BRONX;FRAM;BELL;Neptun;Rebel;Colbar;Acelli;Products:Aprons;Barriertape,branded.shade.nets.p/m;Chinstraps,DustMasks;Earmuffs;FaceShield;Gloves;Harness;KidneyBelts;ReflectiveBibs;Respirators;Respirator.cartridges;Spectacles;Goggles;Protective Eyewear; Steelcap boots, gumboots, leather shoes, Security boots, steel mid sole work shoes, combat boots. Security uniforms, Polycotton, 100%cotton,acid resistant; fire resistant; conti suits; twopiece; boilersuit; overalls, High-visibility and rain/wind protection, waders, Protective headwear hard hats, caps, beanies, shirts, jackets, slacks, lounge shirts, golf shirts, long sleeve, work knitwear, men's pants and chinos, ladies skirts and pants, promotional clothing.