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About JT Technologies

We are a Desktop and laptop Repair company. Aimed at individuals and small business clients. We also offer system and component sales with the best known names such as IBM Dell, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Apple, Gigabyte and many more.

JT Technologies Is new in the industry. But is on its way to the top by offering our customers the best IT support available at competitive prices with industry leading service. We intend on keeping the company small , meaning we know the products well and therefore can offer you sound advice with a personal touch with attention to detail.

We will ensure service reliability, quality control and assessment of the suitability of any specific computer or laptop repair you require for your business or home within the Durban and surrounding areas.

Diagnostics fee R249.00. Please note this price excludes parts if they are needed. That is all it takes to have your computer diagnosed and on its way to get fixed We have a turnaround time of 3 Working days. We aim to get our machine out of the workshop sooner. Turnaround time is also subject to parts availability.

JT Technologies