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At JazzyJade Soap Co. we believe life is a delightful and extraordinary gift. Appreciate it by treating yourself a loved one, a friend or even a loyal client with one our delicious all natural handmade soaps, beauty products or gift sets.


Our products are chemical free - made with coconut oil, pure essentials oils, course salt, brown sugar, Shea butter, natural herbs and clay.

They have no added chemicals and are SLES free.
They are 100% vegan and vegetarian.
They are hypoallergenic, excellent for all types of skins.
Our soaps are so delicate they are great for babies and skin disorders.

All our soaps are made with the finest natural ingredients & will not strip your skin of its natural, protective oils, like shop bought soaps.

Best of all they have no impact on our environment.

My name is Bridgette i am the grateful owner of JazzyJade Soap Co. I have the heart of a hippie a soul of a gypsy and a spirit of a fairy.

I am very blessed to have two beautiful daughters Jasmine-Skye & Taya-Jade , along with their gorgeous and loving dad who are the inpiration behind the creation of JazzyJade Soap Co's nourishing and skin loving products. I love to be creative and make all our products with a unique and personal touch, you'll find that within our ranges we use only natural and organic ingredients, I truly believe that if you cannot eat it then why would you put it on your body.

Through many hours of research my husband and I have done over the last 2 years, we have found that the majority of natural products are still not completely natural. There is always that one ingredient that has strange numbers and codes within, is hard to pronounce or we have just never heard of before. The more we looked into making products the more we saw that preservatives & emulsifiers can be natural and chemical free. With all the toxic ingredients we find in our food and water these days, I say why not lessen the assault on our bodies with the skin care products we use & lengthen & enjoy our lives even more

Over and above looking after ourselves on the outside, i am most passionate about looking on the inside aswell. It is important for me to create the products we do to also allow ourselves a little timeout and to restore some balance into our lives.

We have all at times found ourselves on this rollercoaster ride of life that does not seem to slow down long enough for us to take a breathe. The end result is stress, illness and depression, which ultimately affects every aspect of our lives.

JazzyJade Soap Co. would like to give you the space and freedom to shut off and relax and reconnect with yourself, and what better place to do that but during the only time we have all to ourselves bath and shower time. Using our products will help you to feel more destressed, aid in relieving tension and alleviate anxiety you have built up over time. Please let us help to have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing which brings us an immense amount of joy.

We do no harm to others in the designing, sourcing, processing, & selling of our products. Our aim is to bring you the very best of totally natural products. To let you know every ingredient within these products, and to bring you a range of products that you'll want to use again & again.