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J Fetting Inc. is a dynamic, solution orientated market leader in providing fully outsourced immigration solutions for South Africa. Our services extend throughout South Africa and cover all categories of temporary and permanent residence in accordance with the South African immigration legislation. With the focus of our business on people and compliance, we deliver world-class, dynamic, compliant services to individuals, corporate companies and service provider companies. These include compliance consulting, policy formulation, permit application processing and permit expiry monitoring.

J Fetting Inc. is the ideal partner for corporate companies, international law firms and relocation companies to manage all aspects of their immigration compliance.

Corporate & Individual Services

South African immigration legislation can be complex, and compliance is of paramount importance to any business operating in South Africa. J Fetting Inc. offers to simplify the immigration process for your company and the immigrant concerned reducing the risks involved.

We also partner with those companies setting up businesses in South Africa and take care of all the immigration procedures. We propose comprehensive and fully outsourced immigration solutions concerned with temporary and permanent residence applications regarding South African immigration legislation. These include:

* Work Permits (Quota, general, extraordinary skilled and intra-company transfers.)
* Study Permits
* Visitors Visas/Permits (Holiday, business, academic sabbaticals, voluntary or charitable activities, research and other prescribed activities.)
*Medical Treatment Permits
*Exchange Permits
*Business Permits (Establishment of a business or investment in an existing business.)
*Relatives Permits
*Retired Persons Permits
*Corporate Permits
*Permanent Residence (Direct residence, permanent offers of employment, extraordinary skilled, establishment of own business, retirement, financially independent (minimum net-worth), relative of a South African citizen and permanent resident.)
*Citizenship (Determination, renunciation, resumption, citizenship by birth, citizenship by decent and citizenship by naturalisation.)
* Civil Documents (Marriage certificates, birth certificates, apostilles and authentication of documents.)
* Opinions/Compliance Consulting
* Company Immigration Audits
* Immigration Policy Formulation

We invite you to visit our website www.jfettinginc.com which contains comprehensive information and further contact information.

J Fetting Inc. Immigration