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About i-Check Data Solutions

I-Check has developed products on the simple premise that true commercial success is about connecting our clients with their customers in a unique manner, thereby allowing our clients to truly understand their customers and be more informed to pro-actively respond to their very individual needs and circumstances.

Our Knowledge

Lies in the great wealth of information that we in conjunction with our channel partners maintain about customers and businesses and about markets and how they are changing. We have access to 40 million consumer records, 70 million telephone numbers, 4 million companies, 9.5 million director listings, and 8 million property owners. Collectively, we can give your business a quality report on either a consumer or business

Our Expertise

Lies in the skills we have developed to look at information in a new way and apply it to all aspects of the customer relationship.

Our Creativity

Is reflected in the way that we support our clients, developing information solutions that bring them ever closer to their customers.

I-Check Data Solutions offers: credit check and consumer credit data, business credit check and commercial credit data, consumer trace, lead generation, batch tracing and data cleaning services
Consumer Trace and Verification, Credit Check, Business Credit Check and Commercial Credit Data, Batch Tracing, Data Cleaning.