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About HouseCheck Property Inspections

Home Buyers and Sellers need protection!

HouseCheck is a independent inspectorate providing "Peace of mind" to both Buyer and Seller.

With a HouseCheck inspections:

The Seller will increase his/her chances to sell by being open and honest about the true condition of his property. He/She will also limit the after-sale comebacks and prevent any legal battle that may result from not disclosing any defects.

The Buyer gets an independent evaluation of the true condition of the property. He/She will know what items need attention and what it will cost to repair. By having an inspection he/she will prevent after-sale defects popping up that could end up in a legal battle.

Lastly there is a huge benefit for Estate agents who doesn't have to deal with animosity between buyers and sellers. The end product of an inspection is to produce a happy Buyer and Seller who will refer the Estate agent for His/Her professionalism.

For more information visit our website at: or phone our Call Centre: 0861 77 44 77

HouseCheck Property Inspections