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*Thumela is a Social Benefit Company working towards a fully-functional and efficient healthcare system. Our innovative products provide a platform for connecting healthcare workers across South Africa, focusing on removing the administrative burden and forming a solid network of knowledge sharing and referral systems in order to improve patient care. We bring all of these to you while avoiding costs to healthcare workers.

Our Services include:
*Membership Manager

oEnsures that members get the most out of their organisations
oAllows you to join and pay for all your health-related organisations such as:RuReSA, RuDaSA and PACASA through one secure and easy-to-use portal
oJoin conferences and courses
oTop security payment gateways
oOrganisations can manage their very own online forum as well as send bulk emails to all their members
oThumela Drive is a document and video cloud storage solution built for healthcare workers

*Career Portal
oFind and post job vacancies whether for community service or internships
oFind information on hundreds of facilities throughout South Africa