HBC Group Maintenance (PTY)LTD

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Here at HBC Group Maintenance we strive on customer satisfaction and service delivery.
With a wide range of products. Our range of products are …. But not limited to…

Danfoss – (Made in Denmark)
Industrial Automation - (Fluid Control, Pressure & Temperature monitoring and control, Solenoid valves, Coils ETC.) and many more … Underfloor Heating/ Drives/ Hydraulic parts/ Refrigeration

Resol (Made in Germany)
Solar Ther censoredHeating Building Management visualisation
Solar & system Controllers, DWH exchange controllers, Heating Controllers, Datalogger, Tools and HE accessories, Thermostats (measuring instruments & calorimeters) Sensors, Valves

MUT (Ther censoredSystem Solutions) Made in Italy
Zone Valves, Mixer & Diverter valves, Safety valves, Booster Units, Hydraulic separator, Manifolds, MUT Solar, Motorised valves,

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