Glenvista Fitness Centre

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011 682 2112

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Buggersberg Road
Glenvista Shopping Centre



About Glenvista Fitness Centre

Glenvista Fitness Centre is dedicated to people who know that the real strength they get from staying fit is the feeling it gives them inside. That's why we've created the most complete health and fitness experience you'll find. All it takes is a visit to our center and you'll discover that we've included something for everyone, no matter your fitness level, interests, experience, schedule or budget.

Whether your interest is sport, fitness, relaxation or a combination of all three, Glenvista Fitess Centre gives you the choice of a multitude of activities seven days a week, 364 days a year.

Balanced lifestyle, family fitness, healthy mind and body, and community spirit - Glenvista Fitness Centre strives to provide all of these opportunities for you. As many of our long-time members will agree, there is no other place like the Glenvista Fitness Centre

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