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About The Gear

Here at The Gear Change, we provide a safe, secure platform from which to trade in second hand mid- to high-end cycling equipment. A convenient alternative to risky classified ads, The Gear Change removes much of the messiness, danger and complexity that can come from selling or buying second hand.

Often, sellers and buyers have no idea what their goods are actually worth- The Gear Change aims to create a trusted platform where sellers and buyers alike can have complete confidence in the buying or selling process. Customers are able to browse through full descriptions and disclosures of products, without having to move an inch.

Added value is provided in the way of professional advice to our customers, all the necessary mechanical work, and exceptional service delivery- all without the extra confusion of any phone calls, or the risks of dealing with strangers. From visiting our online store to buying your chosen item, to the servicing of your equipment, to the packaging and delivery, we take every step to ensure your gear reaches you as securely and easily as possible.

Honesty and trust are key in the on-going success of The Gear Change. We want to help to create a safer environment for all South Africans, and do what we can to prevent crime. We are registered with the South African Police Service as a licensed second hand dealership, and ensure that we comply with the Second Hands Goods Act.

The Gear