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About Galleon Jewelers Inc.

Galleon Jewelers Inc. started their company in 1978 with a passion for the sea. Since then they have created over 1800 items related to just that! They have moved their operation from Florida to Alabama in 2007. They pride themselves in finely detailed, high quality solid 14 Kt. gold marine oriented jewelry. Many of their products are available in 18 Kt. as well. They welcome custom and personalized orders, and can handle just about anything you may have in mind. They work for you, and are 110% about customer service.

Galleon Jewelers began with a passion that they shared for the sea and a desire to showcase that passion through high quality jewelry in a variety of marine classifications. As a result, for over thirty years Galleon Jewelers has been providing their customers with finely detailed, high quality solid 14 karat - and even 18 karat - gold marine pieces that range from anchor earrings to unique sea turtle jewelry.

At Galleon Jewelers their business is marine themed jewelry but that's only part of what they do. The most significant part of their business is working diligently for their customers, building relationships with people who know that they can turn to us for the high quality jewelry that they seek - whether its anchor earrings for themselves, sea turtle jewelry for someone the love, or any one of the unique pieces that they offer. The quality is always high, the selection is unique, and the prices are affordable.

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