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Wilderness is a small vacation town that has a genuine vocation for hospitality. It is big enough to permit thorough vacation entertainment but is little enough to get around without a vehicle. The kind of holiday you choose to have in wilderness absolutely depends on you. You can have a lazy beach vacation, an adventure vacation or a holiday rich in culture, crafts and arts.

If you are planning to enjoy a beach holiday, then Wilderness is an opti censoredarea since the sea is warm and calm. Wilderness Beach has actually been awarded the worldwide Blue Flag recognition in 2013 for its clean water and ecological management. Likewise, most hotels have a swimming pool and there are more than 25 dining establishments within walking distance, so you can enjoy various cuisine each evening.

There is something to say about the accommodation; Wilderness has a tradition in hospitality since the 1800's and you can discover all kinds of accommodation lodgings to match your requirements. Typically, accommodation is not really costly and provides excellent value for money if you are a traveler from Europe or the United States.

If you are the daring type, you will love Wilderness. There is a lot to do as far as vacation activities go.

Firstly, if you're not scared of heights, you can go paragliding. Highly experienced instructors will take you on a tandem paragliding adventure in spots which have unforgettable aerial views. You could possibly take off at Map of Africa, Kleinkrantz, Wilderness Beach, Gerrickes Point or Sedgeview. This area is known as a paragliding paradise and individuals flock there from everywhere. If you are already an experienced paragliding pilot, there are locations where you can rent all the equipment and get all the information you need for solo flights. Paragliding is available all the time.

If something of this type is a little too severe for you, you might try something revitalizing but relaxing like horse rides in the countryside. You will probably see quite a few animals on your ride, especially monkeys and baboons. Horse riding is readily available all year round however the majority of places will ask you to book in advance.

Make sure that you enquirer if your selected company has a SABBWWA license if you would like to see whales or dolphins up close. These companies can get their boats within 50 m of the whales and dolphins. All the other companies are not allowed to come closer than tree hundred meters. If you are very lucky you might even be able to see the rare humpback dolphin which is just seen in this area.

You can also rent a canoe and paddl eup the Touw River. Canoes can be for single individuals, for 2 or for 3 therefore will accommodate families and couples. The journey up the Touw River is beautiful because the banks are covered in lush green, virgin woodlands. You can pack a picnic lunch, leave the canoe on the river bank and go eat and swim beside the Touw River Falls.

Your holiday in Wilderness can be as amazing or as soothing as you prefer. Its all depends on what you are after!

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