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76 Dan Pienaar street


About Enisave Solutions Pty Ltd

We believe that our customers are our highest priority and thereby we offer a one stop shop for all their energy, electrical engineering as well as day to day production needs.

Our comprehensive services include energy audits, demand assessment, supply and system resilience, utilities consultancy and sustainable electrical engineering design.

Whether in industrial manufacturing, commercial property, retail, sport, mission-critical facilities, the arts or any market, we are able to meet the creative and commercial demands of designers and developers and thereby offer our customers the best solution.

We kept abreast of the latest energy saving incentives and can tap into a global network of professionals from within the industry to ensure our customers realise the benefits of these initiatives through the implementation of the very best energy saving strategies and technology.

At Enisave Solutions, we are leaders rather than followers in technical advances and sustainability. Through in-house research and development, we ensure that clients get the benefit, rather than the risk, of innovation. As new energy products emerge, Enisave Solutions helps clients understand where they are appropriate and viable in their businesses.

Customer satifaction is the ultimate goal at Enisave Solutions.

We place a high priority on establishing good relationships with our customers in the fulfilment of our service delivery.