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Industrial Cleaning

About enigma cleaning services

Enigma is focused on the business of commercial and industrial contract cleaning. We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services, both interior and exterior on either a permanent or a once-off basis.
The professionalism of our cleaning service is something we are very proud of. Should we be given the opportunity to assess your cleaning needs based on your budget and cleaning requirements, you will be given an affordable, quality solution.
We supply all the necessary labour, material, equipment and supervision. Projects are handled efficiently and with mini censoreddisruption to your business environment.
For all your cleaning requirements, Enigma will provide you with a service that is professional, technically excellent, well organised and operated by highly trained staff.
Our Market
We provide diverse applications to a wide range of markets. These include:
* Retail
* Business offices
* Stadiums
* Factories
* Shopping Centres
* Entertainment Centres
* Schools
* Tertiary Institutions
* Outdoor
Our Applications
* Gardens
* Indoor Gardening
* Deep Cleaning
* Hygiene Services (sub contracted out)
* Window Cleaning
* Once-off special jobs
* Post and Pre-occupational cleaning
* High Pressure Cleaning
* Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning (sub contracted out)
* Stripping and Sealing of floors
* Monthly Contract Cleaning

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