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021 300 1862

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26 Luisa Way, Hout Bay, Cape Town



About Electrician Cape Town

We are the total package you can find to suit all your electrical needs and we have a solution to all your problems. We are qualified electricians, electrical contractors, diagnostics, and repair and installation specialists all at one place readily waiting at your service to be called out for assistance. We have been serving all your needs in this industry for more than 40 years or so for now and with the experience we have gained in all these years, we can guess what's wrong at your wiring and what needs to be done simply by one single look. Our services are of the highest quality since we are very skilled and we have the expert knowledge and our services are always reliable to be 100% satisfying. We also have a fleet of mobile response teams circling around the Cape Town area to reach you as quickly as possible in case of emergencies and we satisfy ourselves at the end of the day seeing you safe and sound at your homes with no electrical worries to have doubts about. You can easily contact us through www.electrician-capetown.com or call us on 021 300 1862 and request a call back from us so that we can get in touch with you to assist you in any possible way.

Electrician Cape Town