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My name is Robynne Folkus- designer, blogger, photographer and owner of Eden Design Studio. I am a young freelance designer from Johannesburg, South Africa. Freelancing allows me creative freedom that I didn't have in the advertising industry. Every project is a challenge and I enjoy working closely with my clients to create compelling designs. I offer Logo Design, Branding, Website Design, Corporate Identities, Print, illustration, Packaging Design, Advertising and Publication Design among many other things

Creativity has always been a part of my life, whether it was through dancing, drama, music, art or design. I am a person with many different interests and I thrive on the excitement of something new. I welcome change as I see it as an opportunity to grow and better myself. This has shaped me into an open-minded confident person. I enjoy the outdoors and being surrounded by natural beauty. Travelling has opened my eyes to different cultures and people. I work well under the pressure of a deadline and just love the excitement of the design industry.

Having completed my Intergrated Marketing Management Diploma at AAA School of Advertising, specialising in Brand Management, as well as my National Diploma in Graphic Design at University of Johannesburg, I am well equipped to handle anything my clients might throw at me.

Creativity is in my blood and it's who I am.

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