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Dynamic Lab Neutralizer
Solves Laboratory Waste Treatment Problems

Dynamic Lab Neutralizer from Hi-Tech Engineering And Solar Supply automates laboratory liquid processes.

from Hi-Tech Engineering And Solar Supply treatment to dispensing and chemical mixing.
Dynamic Lab Neutraliser from Hi-Tech Engineering And Solar Supply solves laboratory waste treatment problems with small-volume, automated systems. These are ideal as school laboratory waste treatment systems. Complete packages are available in either 2, 4 or 6 gallon batch designs or 1, 2 or 3 gpm continuous designs with complete controls, including communication options for alarm reporting. Acid waste neutralization (AWN) including strong acid neutralization (0-2 pH) is typical. Other systems handle heavy metals, fluoride reduction, and pH adjustment for caustic fluids, automatically and without risk to lab personnel. Accidents from exothermic reactions, spills, burns and glass breakage are eliminated.
Using various system designs including two-stage neutralization, limestone pretreatment, or packaged chillers with PVDF or Telfon heat exchangers, The units are small and compact, fabricated of polypropylene, with drip pans or double-containment as requested, and include all sensors and controllers.

Clean control cabinet wiring. PP heat exchanger at bottom of reaction tank.

Hi-Tech Engineering And Solar Supply has been supplying waste treatment solutions since 1998, and brings this design experience into the lab with reliable designs and durable components such as pH sensors and pH controllers.
Dynamic Lab Neutralizer laboratory waste treatment units are quiet, sealed to eliminate vapors, and designed to be vented to building systems. Solvent waste, acid waste, and most lab liquid wastes are handled automatically. Pump options incorporating high level alarms and automatic shut-offs are available to transfer untreatable waste to drums. The units can be monitored locally with alarm lights, or remotely on a PC using web-based TCP/IP communications or modem-to-modem dial-up.
Dynamic Lab Neutralizer units are small enough to be located in the laboratory itself. They can include collection tanks with pumps or be located near floor drains for gravity discharge into the sewer. The units can be located under counters or in cabinets. Control panels are normally located on the units, but can be remotely mounted anywhere in the lab.

Dynamic Lab Neutralizer Extreme for Laboratory Waste Treatment for Strong Acids & Caustics
Packaged Laboratory Waste Treatment Systems
Batch Systems
Number Batch Size
(gallons) Neutralization Tank (gallons) Chemical Tank (gallons) Mixer
(HP) Metering Pump (GPH)
DLN02 2 2 2 1/20 0.6
DLN04 4 6 2 1/20 1.0
DLN06 6 11 2 1/20 1.0
DLNEE006* 6 2 2 1/20 0.6
* Dynamic Lab Neutralizer Extreme for treatment of strong acids and caustics.

Continuous Systems
Number Flow Rate
(GPM) Neutralization Tank (gal) Monitoring Tank (gal) Chemical Tank (gal) Mixer
(HP) Metering Pump (GPH)
DLN10 1 33 22 11 1/20 1.0
DLN20 2 42 28 15 1/20 1.0
DLN30 3 50 33 36 1/20 1.0