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Let's talk stats!

There are literally over 14 million active South African Facebook users and that number is growing strong. Looking into the professional brands, of the 116 brands surveyed (be in mind these are SA's biggest brands) 91% of them are on Facebook. In perspective, that's just over a quarter of the South African population who're active on social media.
What does this mean? This means that if your company is not active on social media you're missing out on approximately one-quarter of sales because your advertising isn't making an impact on the social media platforms where your South African clientele lives.

Yes, we know what you're thinking, "we'll just do our social media ourselves, we have our own personal Facebook accounts, can't be that difficult right?" Wrong! You can't begin to fathom how wrong you are, brands are not their CEOs and often people forget that. So, don't sit there thinking you're a marketing director or brand builder, when you're a CEO. You be a CEO let someone else handle your brand image.
The great news is that you aren't alone and you don't have to be. Social Media Marketing Agency Dutch Ink is a company who truly believes in the power of social media and strives to build the future of brands and branding like no other agency will, in a digital space. They do this by truly understanding all of their clients and their brands, reinventing their ideas and refining their activations to create social media interaction which shocks and awes its viewers, leaving a lasting impression which provides the impactful longevity needed to create a sale. If you want to get on the social media bandwagon to success with some of South Africa's leading brands, make sure that you contact Dutch Ink for a brand consult to discuss the status of your brand and the direction it can be taken.