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69 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga Rocks


About D.U.C

We take businesses to the people, in this day and age hardly anybody uses SMS, when it's better and at times faster to use a Social Application like BBM, you can easily type and send what ever you need and if you have something to say to everybody then just Broadcast it. We do the exact same thing, with 1 very big difference, we have 43,000 BBM contacts, that makes us a force that could easily help build any brand, unlike that flyer you just got in the morning at the robots, you can't throw us away and the message is always available for you to refer back to even days after you've last seen. We have hundreds of businesses that have had huge success with advertising with us, please contact us any time for 1 of our dedicated agents to come over to your offices and show you hands on how our marketing operates and how we can build your brand in 1 Hour, for a molecule of the price you would normally pay to receive such a high response.