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087 808 2543

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Suite 4 Heron View, Hazeldean Office Park, 687 Silver Lakes Road, Silver Lakes
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Telecommunications: PABX systems and associated services

About DSL Telecom PTA East

We are the leading service provider in IP telecommunications and connectivity. We offer top of the range hardware and connectivity at low prices with unmatched service. 20mbps and 40mbps now available in South Africa ( Limited areas )from us at great prices. Internet speed you will not believe.

Easy to use

DSL Telecom phone systems are user friendly and intuitive. The systems work and are easy to operate, which increases your productivity. Packed with features to help your business grow.

Straight forward and simple

Turn your day-to-day communication into a pleasure with our user friendly phones.

Latest Software upgrades

As easily as you would update your Apple iPhone or Android tablet's software, so too can we upgrade your PBX's software as new features are released.

Amazing support

Whenever you need help, give us a call - you'll talk to a real live person that will do whatever it takes to keep you connected.


Choose how you want to make your calls. DSL Telecom IP-PBX systems interface with Telkom fixed lines, VoIP service providers and Cellular networks. Route your calls at the lowest cost.

Choose your phones

Desktop phones for ease of use, cordless phones for mobility or soft phones on your computer for call centre application.

How do you want to make your calls

Traditional Telkom fixed lines for stability. VoIP calling services for efficiency or cellular lines for accessibility. Combine these technologies as your business evolves.

Choose your payment method

DSL Telecom systems can be purchased outright for ownership or rented over a 36 month life cycle for tax deductions.

Fast Service

The more up time you have with your telephone system and Internet the more money you will make. DSL Telecom creates successful partnerships with our customers so we can grow together.

Instant Gratification

Remote support and easy to use web interfaces ensure quick turnaround time.

Access to intellect

You get what you pay for. We use world class systems to manage your customer experience. Phone system design, implementation and maintenance, is managed by a professional team.

Stay connected

We offer a predictable outcome. Service level agreements allow for professional engagement.

Contact our offices to find out if your area is active. (012) 809 4506 / 087 808 2543 / 0826921862

DSL Telecom PTA East