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About DMA Solutions (CCTV)

DMA use State of the Art Software and Equipment to design and plan CCTV installations.
DMA install equipment suited for specific applications to insure that CCTV footage is valid to use as evidence if needed.
All our CCTV installations can be viewed from your Mobile Phone, Laptop, Tablet, Macbook, Ipad, Iphone, Smart Phone, Blackberry.

Fridge Monitoring
DMA offer you the perfect solution to manage and monitor the conditions of your Cold Room, Coolers, Fridges, Cooler Trucks or Display Fridges. Our system will notify you on your Mobile Phone if there is a change in temperature. You will also be notified if a power failure occurs. By linking our system to your back up Generator, the Generator can be switched on from your Mobile Phone.
Useful Features
- Monitor Temperature
- Power Failure Notification
- Start Back Up Generator from Mobile Phone

Cable Theft
Cable Theft is a huge problem in South Africa. The problem will never be stopped but DMA can help you minimize it and notify you if Cable Theft does occur.
Real Time monitoring of
- 3 Phase Power Cables
- Solar panels
- Pumps
- Mini Substations

DMA Solutions (CCTV)