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About Disa Landscapes cc

DISA LANDSCAPES is a specialised landscaping company that offers it services to various sectors of the GREEN industry. It is part of Disa Group which is based in Bloemfontein and does comprehensive landscaping projects from the initial earthworks, to the soft and hard landscaping and civil works that sometimes form part of a landscaping project.
The company is well known for its quality of work and involvement in various prominent projects in the area.
The two directors of the company are Stefan Oosthuizen and Jacques van der Mescht.
Stefan Oosthuizen is the specialist on commercial landscaping. He has been in the industry for many years and has successfully completed various projects such as the Bloemfontein city beautification for the Soccer World Cup 2010, as well as various clinics and city beautification in Maseru, Lesotho.
He is an expert on plants and is known for his attention to detail and successful, on time, delivery of projects.

Jacques Van Der Mescht has been working in the landscaping industry for the last 14 years and set up the company Disa Gardens. He started off doing contracts for the Mangaung Municipality and is still doing projects for them such as the City Beautification for the Soccer World Cup 2010. He is involved in various projects all around South-Africa that are related to the industry. These include Landscaping Installation, Landscaping Maintenance, Irrigation, Hydro seeding, Sportfield construction and the production of instant lawn on his farm outside Bloemfontein.
Disa Landscapes is an accredited contractor with the Landscaping and Irrigation Association of South Africa.
For specialised landscaping needs, we make use of accredited Landscape Architects.
Local labour is used for all projects.

Disa Landscapes cc