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About Digiliant

With many network storage device solutions, Digiliant can meet the demands of the most challenging storage area network requirements that face corporate clients. Digiliant can assist corporate clients from the conception of a project until it completes the installation. The company has clients ranging from the smallest business up to larger corporations and institutions.

The networking solutions offered by Digiliant include the Network Attached Storage server systems and ISCSI SAN solutions. These products are powered by Red Hat, Open-E and Cent OS.

Long-term relationships are a part of the storage area network services. The services that Digiliant offers don't conclude once a company's network is up and running. Digiliant strives to nurture the relationship that continues through the ongoing support and services that they are capable of addressing the needs of a business no matter how large or small.

Visit them at http://www.digiliant.com/ to know more.