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Signage Manufacturing

About Digi-Art

Why follow, when you can lead!!! Digi-Art offers you the opportunity to give your brand panache, we take your brand to new heights, and with a very compatible pricing structure, you get value for your money. So, now you are faced with a choice, do you ignore our brand, or do you read on and allow Digi-Art to take your brand to new heights. We turn your brand into a leader and let others follow. So what are you waiting for... Go Digi-Art and go BIG!!!

*Large format Printing
*Screen Printing
*Litho/Web Printing
*Web Design
*Media Design
*Resin/Jell doming stations
*Application and Rigging
*Aluminium shop drawings
The company is ready and equip to take on any challenge.

You either be a leader...or a follower. We bring new fresh ideas that break you apart from the rest.