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Debt Counsellors

About DebtcounsellorsSA

We can GUARANTEE EXTRA MONEY in your pocket, every month, from the END OF THIS MONTH.

* In some cases we can REDUCE YOUR MONTHLY DEBT PAYMENTS BY UP TO 50% of your nor censoredrepayments.

* You will therefore have up to 50% extra, giving you the financial break you so desperately need. If you, for example, pay R10 000,00 per month towards creditors for your home loan, vehicle and other accounts, you can have up to R5 000,00 extra, which can really improve your financial situation.

* With new industry rules, provided by creditors, we are now allowed to REDUCE YOUR INTEREST RATES on unsecured loans (personal loans, credit card, store cards, etc) TO AS LOW AS 0%, in some cases, and secured loans (home loan and vehicle finance), TO AS LOW AS 7%