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International Database and interactive Cloud Computing

About Data Base International

We at Data Base International Pty Ltd are embarking upon a new venture called Data Base International (DBI) that will soon provide a brand new super-fast and secure Internet with guaranteed secure world wide interactive cloud computing, dealing with the challenges and issues of the current ailing Internet.

DBI is the First of it's kind and will be the only one of it's kind.

It will launch the Internet into a new era, turning it into a truly secure global interactive cloud computing marketplace, whilst enhancing its popular social networks, information and marketing platforms.

DBI will bring together all the pieces of the puzzle to form a tightly integrated network of superb software applications, communications and infrastructure that will allow users to interact and transact with others in a totally secure environment, without the need to own any traditional computer hardware or software applications.

All processing and storage will be performed remotely on DBI's Hyper-Computers by means of super-decoders backed up by a 3-tier identification system using a peer-to-peer communications network.

DBI will not only revolutionize the Internet, but also computing and communications as we know it.

Our system will be providing a guaranteed service with NO bottlenecks and guaranteed access to data at access speeds previously unheard of on the existing Internet.

Data Base International