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About CV Portal

CV Portal is an online Job board that allows Job Seekers to Upload their CV's for FREE and Hiring managers to Upload Unlimited Job vacancies on our Job board at NO Cost. The Job portal allows hiring managers to search the CV database 24/7 in the process in finding skilled and experienced Candidates & Passive Candidates. The Job board also gives our unique Job seekers the opportunity to Sign Up normally or through the LinkedIn button for ease of use.

CV Portal is a Proudly South African Company, and we always striving to empower the Job seeker and Companies in finding each and other through our Job Portal. CV Portal has revolutionized the recruitment landscape for both the Employer and Job seeker and we have largely increased the efficiency with which hiring decisions can take place.

Employers can post a Job vacancy in as little as 10 minutes on our Job Portal and start receiving CV's.

Reduce Cost-of-Hire

The cost of posting a Job vacancy or the searching of CV's on CV Portal can be up to 80% lower than the cost of using searching firms or traditional advertising methods.

Brand Awareness

"Your Culture is Your Brand"

Hiring Managers can also use their Job vacancies to build their company brand and company image to the prospective applicant. As Candidates can be very particular about whom they want to work for nowadays. Companies can also present their COMPANIES to the prospective applicant on our Job Portal, as this information often serves as a basis for their application decisions.


CV Portal takes the Confidentiality of both the Employer and Job seekers very seriously.

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