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'Creative Concepts' is an educational software development company with the primary goal of improving children's school results through fun and interactive computer software. The company was created by Gugu Kheswa and Eugene Wolff both of whom have a passion to grow and develop our future leaders.

One of the products that 'Creative Concepts' has developed is a unique educational learning aid programme called 'Creative Word Games' which is designed for children between grades 1 and 7 and focuses on improving their spelling and ultimately their school results. Spelling competence is important at all levels of written communication and an important skill for school-going children. Children with spelling difficulties are limited in their participation in all written school activities. 'Creative Concepts' would like to reach the children and parents of South Africa and help up skill the next generations to come as spelling is a vital link to communication.

Eugene, our software developer designed 'Creative Word Games' initially for his son who found it difficult to achieve good results in his spelling tests. The Software was designed to make it fun for him to learn his words and it has made such a difference to his results which improved dramatically from a low 20% to above 70%. This has also boosted his confidence.

'Creative Word Games' comprises of 3 levels; Word Fish, Practice Words and Time Attack.


* If used correctly and consistently the software has proven to improve spelling results by 50%.
* The software requires mini censoredbut essential interaction from the parent/s
* The software allows the child to work through 3 levels from basic to difficult.
* It can be used in any language
* Unlimited technical support.
* This product is proudly South African.

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