Colleen Law; Clinical Psychologist

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Phone Number:
021 674 0509

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20 Dreyer St



About Colleen Law; Clinical Psychologist

Colleen is a registered clinical psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (PS 0093351). She has extensive experience in psychotherapy with children, teens, adults, couples and families. Colleen draws eclectically from a range of therapeutic modalities in order to suit the unique needs of each individual. Through psychotherapy, she facilitates skills growth and personal awareness in adults, to more effectively manage and fulfil challenges in their work, marriage and family environments. Through play therapy, she facilitates a way for children to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process.

Colleen also has considerable experience in psychological assessment including neuropsychological, medico-legal, educational and career guidance services to adults, teens and children. Through psychological assessment she believes in enabling individuals and parents to make informed decisions in directing future life choices.

Colleen Law; Clinical Psychologist