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Cleannette Services is a newly established BEE level I registered company officially established in 2017, and
therefore, we do not have a standing reputation yet. The benefit of this, however, is that we are thereby afforded with an opportunity to establish ourselves on a clean slate by rendering the best quality services to our clients from the very start, thereby also creating new employment opportunities to the unemployed who are skilled and experienced in the cleaning business. We render general and specialised cleaning services on a broad scale basis, including but not necessarily limited to, the industrial as well as the domestic spheres.

Our aim is to provide the best quality cleaning services to ALL our clients in a manner that would be most affordable
and mutually beneficial to both the client and our business. When it comes to the subject of our relationship with our
clients, it is our philosophy that the client is always correct and that the needs and expectations of our clients should always be met accordingly. As such, none of our clients should ever be placed in a position where they feel unsatisfied with the services rendered or the treatment of their staff by us and/or our representatives, whether it may be our management staff or our staff on lower levels working at our clients' premises.

The reason for this philosophy is that we do not seek to enter into short-term relationships with our clients. Instead, we strive to establish and maintain long-term relationships with our clients where possible, and to build a good reputation for ourselves by rendering affordable and mutually beneficial high quality cleaning services.