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The head office for MasterKlamp development and administration is in Auckland, New Zealand, where MasterKlamp has developed its local sale volumes to become the leading cast clamp option in this competitive and quality demanding market.

MasterKlamp offer an extensive range of malleable cast-iron clamps to suit your everyday pipe joining requirements. A versatile system that eliminates the need for welding, bending or threading. It allows you to quickly erect any variety of pipe frame structures, no matter how complex your design. MasterKlamp has been independently tested and if used as specified, fully complies with the AS/NZS1170.1:2002 requirements.

With over a decade of manufacturing experience and an innovative approach to further product development, MasterKlamp is able to offer you the cleanest looking, most competitively priced products.

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Clamps For Pipe Framing - MasterKlamp