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Quit tobacco cigarettes to protect yourself and others
It is important to admit that tobacco smoking is very dangerous and that the effects of being a smoker will affect you for a long time and can even cause your death and the death of people around you. It is not strange to hear tragic stories of non smokers that have developed a serious respiratory disease or that have even died as a consequence of the dangerous and poisonous second hand smoke that is delivered by traditional tobacco cigarettes. People that smoke get usually very worried when they hear these stories, specially if they live with someone or if they have children or beloved ones that are in danger of being exposed indirectly to the terrible consequences of smoking. It is unfair to paint smokers as people that simply have no consideration towards others or that have stopped caring about the effects of smoking on their health and the health of others. Many smokers look for ways to minimize the impact of their habit in those around them by smoking outdoors or ways from other people. Electronic cigarettes offer these type of smoker, an alternative that can greatly reduce the damage that their tobacco cigarettes have been causing in their health and in the wellbeing of their family and friends. Electronic cigarettes are devices that release nicotine, which is the substance that makes smokers addicted to cigarettes. Electronic cigs look and work in the same way as a traditional cigarette, except that they do not require combustion to operate (you do not have to carry a lighter or matches to enjoy your smoking) and they do not produce smoke. This means that when you use an electronic cigarette, you are not polluting the air with toxic smoke that can invade the lungs of your family or friends. Electronic cigs are truly a better alternative and they can improve your health in many ways but if you are worried and feeling guilty about the effects that your smoking may be having in your loved ones, you really need to take them into consideration. Changing to electronic cigarettes can help people to feel better in many ways and the fact that they are very affordable, gives you an extra reason for choosing them over tobacco products. For many smokers, quitting cigarettes is a struggle but you don't have to go through this battle alone. With electronic cigarettes, you get an kick start towards a life free form tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are your tool to make a significant change in your life.
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