Choosing Where to Go Throughout South Africa Holidays

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South Africa is a huge country! The United Kingdom could fit into it just over five times, so bear this in mind when planning your holidays in SA. This article will help you get "a feel" for the different locations and decide which ones you would like to check out most.

Unless you have at least three weeks vacation, it is not recommended to attempt and "see it all", due to the fact that chances are you will spend most of your vacation driving. Rather select a location and fully enjoy it. Chances are you will return to SA anyway!

If you would like a bit of it all, Cape Town is probably your finest option. Cape Town offers sophisticated California style beaches with promenades and sea-front cafe's but also absolutely rugged and natural beaches within half an hour's drive from the city center. Your stylish beaches are in the towns called Sea-Point, Bantry Bay and Camps Bay and your natural beaches are out of town, going towards Cape Point or the East Coastline. If you are heading towards Cape Point, you can drop in at Long Beach, which is genuinely magnificent, and if you are heading for the East Coast, you can go to Betty's Bay, a natural reserve.

Cape Town also provides calm rolling hillsides and wine estates, excellent nightlife, bustling markets and nature reserves. Cape Town is your best bet if you can only pick one place to go in South Africa and would love to get a general feel of the country. There are some private game reserves which will likewise allow you to have a true African Safari with simply a few hours, drive from Cape Town.

If you Google search "Holiday South Africa" it will immediately show you information on the Kruger National Park. This would be your finest option if you are trying to find a leading African Safari Experience. Not many locations can actually compare to the Kruger National Park for its selection of lodges and for the size of the reserve itself. Here luxury has an entirely new meaning as you discover how harmoniously designer furnishings can be blended with the Savannah. Often earthy colors and fluffy pillows are utilized to embellish a plush king sized bed ... inside a tent on stilts! Other times the Savannah can be all around you as you drink champagne inside an outdoors exclusive Jacuzzi. Whatever your selection, you can generally not fail in the Kruger National Park if you are aiming to experience luxury and wildlife.

The East Coastline is known as "The Garden Route" and has a number of extremely attractive seafront towns. The Garden Route sometimes runs parallel to "The Wine Route" and you can drive along it if you enjoy tasting excellent wines and lunching in unique wineries.

If you like SA but are also amazed by the arid beauty of Namibia, you might find yourself very much attracted to the West Coast. The further North you go, the more dry an environment you will have and by the time you arrive on the Namaqualand you will find a place that looks comparable to some locations of Namibia.

SA offers four completely different types of vacations and now that you have a little fundamental details, you can now decide which kind of vacation you like.

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